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Press articles and concert reviews for concerts given by the Academy of St Olave’s in York

Press & Publicity

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January 21: Mozart overture, Beethoven 4 and Shostakovich Chamber Symphony concert in St Olave’s Church York

Read the Academy press release, York Against Cancer press article and the concert review (click on the article images to enlarge them).January 2017 Press ReleaseJanuary 2017 Press Review

June 2016 Concert Preview

June 25: Mozart in Prague Concert – Press Article and concert review

January 23: Beethoven 7 concert in St Peter’s School Memorial Hall

Read the Press article and concert review


June 27: Jessie’s Fund 20th Anniversary concert

Concert review

January 24: Poulenc Organ Concerto concert

Press Article and Concert Review

2014 September Concert Review

September 27: Mozart Jupiter Symphony – Concert Review

June 14: Summer Serenade concert – Press Article and Concert Review

June 22: Schubert concert – Letter to York Press by Professor Brian Newbould

January 20: “Delius and friends” concert – Concert Review

January 14:  Concert for repairs to church roof after lead theft – Press Article


September 24: Mozart concert – Press Release

June 18:  Concert Review

January 15: Schubert Concert – Press Article about the World Premier Performance of a newly realised work by Franz Schubert and Concert Review


September 18: Concert raising funds for the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal – Press Release

June 19: Bizet Symphony in C concert Press Article

January 23: Beethoven 6 concert Concert Review


Celebrated Viola Player Alan George in Debut Season at Academy of St Olave’s – Press Article

June 20: John Hastie’s last concert as ASO director – Press Article and Preview of the Midsummer Night’s Dream children’s concert

January 17: Press Article about Dick Blackford’s Clarinet Concerto written for and played by Mark Crooks and Concert ReviewJanuary 2009 Review


September 20: Beethoven 5 concert – Press Article

January 19: Press Article about the World Premiere of Dick Blackford’s Concerto for Two Horns and Concert Review


September 22: Forthcoming season of three double concerti – Press Article

September 22: Review of the Bach Double Violin Concerto concert2007 September 22 - Concert Review

June 16: Milhaud Percussion Concerto concert – Press Article

January 13: Review of the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante concert


September 16: Forthcoming season of Mozart’s three last symphonies – Press Article

January 2006 Press Review

January 16: Review of the Ives “Unanswered Question” concert


September 17: Review of the Dick Blackford Trumpet Concerto concert

Spetember 2005 Concert Review



June 14:

25th anniversary “Last Night of the Proms” concert with fireworks – Press Article


September 22: Review of the Haydn London Symphony concert
2001 September 22 - Concert Review

April 11: Review of the Protecting Veil concert
2001 April 11 - Concert Review

January 22: Press Article about the Bach Double Violin Concerto concert and Concert Reviews
2001 January 22 - Press Article
2001 January 22 - Concert Reviews


Janu1978 First Concert Press Articleary 8: Press Article about the orchestra’s first concert