THE ACADEMY of ST OLAVE’S – Website Acknowledgements

Website Acknowledgements

The Academy of St Olave’s is grateful to the following people for making this website possible:

Peter Wallace, Tina Sanderson, John Hastie, Izzy Armstrong-Frost, David Harrison, Jonathan Grant
Background Image Copyright: weedezign / 123RF Stock Photo

Poster Designs
Tina Sanderson, John Hastie, Izzy Armstrong-Frost, Jacob George

Designing, building and maintaining the current website
Tina Sanderson

Initial Set-up of the Current Website and Providing the ASO Logo in 2015
Trevor Hughes-Parry of Pragmatica Web Solutions

Original Website
For researching, building, hosting and maintaining the original website from 2009 – Rachel and Les McCormack. Much of the original material has been reused in the current website.

Concert History
For researching concert history pre 2009 – Tina Sanderson
For providing information about concerts 1985-1997 – Alan Easterbrook

Blog Acknowledgements

September 2017 – Music from a Green and Pleasant Land

  • Article – John Hastie
  • Feature image from West Bay in Dorset – Tina Sanderson
  • Image of George Butterworth – Wikipedia
  • Image of Keith Wright – Dr Jude Brereton
  • ASO 2017 posters – Tina Sanderson

June 2017 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Article – Dr Jude Brereton, Esme Sharpe, Arthur Sharpe
  • Feature Drawing of Titania and Bottom in fairyland – Esme Sharpe
  • Image – Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing by William Blake c.1786 – Tate Britain
  • Image – Original title page of Fairy Queen – Wikipedia
  • Image – Henry Purcell by or after studio of John Closterman – National Portrait Gallery
  • ASO 2017 posters – Tina Sanderson

January 2017 – Imperial Rome to Communist Russia

September 2016 – Farewell Symphony!

  • Colour Images and Poster – Tina Sanderson
  • Black and White Image – York Evening Press
  • ASO 2016 posters – Tina Sanderson

June 2016 – Mozart, Prague and the Marriage of Figaro

January 2016 – St Olave’s Church Roof Repairs

  • Images – Get Knitted! – John Sharpe and Jude Brereton
  • Images – Church in scaffolding – Tina Sanderson
  • Financial details, architect’s report and image of roof damage – Chris Acton
  • ASO 2016 posters – Tina Sanderson